5 Changes to Expect When You Go Off the Pill

There are several reasons women decide to stop taking birth control pills. It could be that you’re considering a different method, no longer need birth control or are ready to start a family. Whatever the reason, you might be wondering if you’ll notice any changes when you go off the pill. Contact us today if you are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing, or would like to discuss things further with an OB-GYN in Jacksonville Beach. Every woman is unique, but there are some common symptoms that many will experience.

1. Irregular Cycles

It could take up to several months for your cycles to straighten out after you’ve been on the pill. This can be true whether your cycles were previously like clockwork or were already irregular before taking birth control. If your period stopped altogether while on the pill, it may take a couple of months before it returns.

2. Heavier Periods, Cramps and PMS

Many women ask their ob-gyn in Jacksonville Beach to go on birth control to help moderate difficult periods. If you experienced heavy, painful cycles before going on the pill, you’ll probably experience them again once you stop taking it. The pill also helps regulate your hormones to reduce PMS symptoms. Unfortunately, symptoms like moodiness, irritability and depression will likely return.

3. Acne Could Return

Controlling acne is one reason that many women choose to go on birth control. Your testosterone levels decrease when you’re on the pill, which helps prevent acne breakouts. When you go off the pill, those levels go back up and acne often returns. If it does, speak with your ob-gyn in Jacksonville Beach about other treatment options for acne.

4. Improved Sex Drive

Some women experience a lack of libido while they’re on the pill. This could be due to the dip in testosterone levels. You may notice a boost in your sex drive after going off the pill.

5. You May Become Pregnant

Ok, so it’s obvious that you’ll be more likely to become pregnant when you stop taking birth control. But many women believe it will take a while to conceive after coming off the pill. While this may be the case for some, many women become pregnant within just months of stopping birth control. If you’re not ready to conceive, be sure to use an alternate method of birth control.

Contact an OB-GYN in Jacksonville Beach to Discuss Going off Birth Control

Just as you experienced numerous changes when you began taking the pill, you’ll probably notice changes when you stop taking it. Before deciding to go off the pill, be sure to speak with your OBGYN. They can explain any other symptoms you might expect and advise you on other birth control methods if necessary. For exceptional women’s care in Jacksonville, contact the physicians at North Florida OBGYN of Jacksonville Beach. Call 904-440-0810 for an appointment.


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